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Número del anuncio:593878
Compra / Venta:Venta
Titulo:ORO - procedimiento SUIZO -
Categoria:Fuente de Negocio
Texto del aviso: SELLER: The Seller’s Authorized Representative, acting with authority and responsibility does and do hereby confirm sale and transfer of the following commodity subject to the terms, conditions and procedures set out hereunder: TRANSACTION: Private Sale of commodity on the below stated terms 1. COMMODITY: Aurium Utalium (AU) Metal (Gold Bullion GLD) 2. QUANTITY: ,,,,,,,,,,,MT with Rolls and Extensions 3. QUALITY: 999.9% Purity or better 4. BAR SIZE: 12.5 kg per bar 5. HALLMARK: Johnson-Matthey, or J/M., the gold was refined in April of 2006 6. PRICE: London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 2nd Fixing quoted price per troy ounce on the day of Closing/Invoicing/Title Assignment USD CIF based, including all cost, insurance, shipping and risk to Buyer chosen place. 7. DELIVERY: CIF per Buyer’s request 8. LOCATION: USA OR EUROPE Bank of……… 9. DISCOUNT: Eight percent (8%) Gross, Five Percent (5%) Net to Buyer 10. COMMISSION: BUYER SIDE /SELLER SIDE: 50/50 11. PAYMENT: All Payments must be in good, clean, clear U. S. Dollars/Euros of non-criminal origin. 12. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Bullion Certificate Certificate of Ownership Certificate of Origin Certificate of Assay Tally Sheet per Certificate Warehouse Receipt Certificate of Insurance Coverage Yearly Bank Statement 13. TITLE: offered commodity above-described for sale are with good, clean title, free from any lien, mortgage, bill of sale or encumbrances of any nature. 14. PROCEDURES: This transaction is performed in the mode of BANK-TO-BANK transfer transaction, under the procedures agreed herein by the parties: Swiss Procedure - POP before POF and bullion officer to bullion officer. The FCO will be sent with full SKR, only to buyer or his mandate. Conference call could be done only after the Representative receives Buyer’s Mandate appointment Letter from Buyer or any official paper. The LOI should be prepared on the buyer’s letterhead showing the buyer’s identity, location and basic terms. All Intermediaries must deliver own color copy of passport and banking. NOTE: FPA will be signed at transactions close not before. dirigirse a - SKYPE- jesus.spain
Nombre:skype - jesus.spain
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Teléfono:+34 926 348 306
Dirección:13300, España
Fecha caducidad:Nov 18, 2008

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